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A simple and fun plan for weekend

What do you usually do last week?
Whole day sleeping? Watch movies, play games alone?
Let see, this weekend let’s invite a few close friends, gather and roast chicken like us. So fun.

Preparation is also very simple. Get into the kitchen and prepare something (4 people)

– 1 chicken (~1.6 kg)
– Lemongrass, green peppers, red peppers, lemon leaves, satay sauce,…
– 1 bell pepper, 2 cucumber, 1 little bit of okra
– Kitchen charcoal, charcoal
For chicken: clean chicken, cut double, marinated with satay, citronella, red peppers, garlic, sugar, fish sauce, salt, taste (taste to taste just eat)
Green chili sauce: follow the instructions here
Cucumber: peel to eat with, Bell peppers, okra: split for baking

Now let’s get some fire and bake.
Come on, roasted chichken, beers, and fun. Why not

Photos: by An Nguyen.

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