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Must-try food in Da Nang – Grilled fish rice vermicelli (Bun Cha Ca) (Continued)

Da Nang, the city of bridges, beaches, attracts tourists by many beautiful destinations and must-try food. will introduce you not only house for rent, apartment for rent in Da Nang, but also must-try food when you come to this interesting city every day.
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Today is Grilled fish rice vermicelli (Bun Cha Ca).
Actually, it is easy to find a grilled fish rice vermicelli bowl in Viet Nam central. But grilled fish rice vermicelli in Da Nang is special. It’s aromatic, very fragrant, not fishy, sweet taste of vegetables, a little salty of the long cooked water. These make any gourmet admire.
Grilled fish rice vermicelli is eaten with vegetables as lettuce, Thai basil, bean sprouts. In particular,indispensable ingredients of Bun Cha Ca is a mix of pounded chili and garlics (1) and pickled shallots (2). Sweet and sour taste of shallots, mixes with spicy chili and garlics, drive eaters to unforgettable experiences.
Some places should be visited: Hoang Dieu street (near Hoang Anh Gia Lai building), from 7 am. to 9 pm.; Hung Vuong street (whole night); Tran Cao Van street (opposite Tam Toa market) from 6 am. to 10 am. Decent price: from 15 000 VND/bowl.

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