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Must-try food in Da Nang – Nam O raw fish and vegetables (Continued)

Da Nang, the city of bridges, beaches, attracts tourists by many beautiful destinations and must-try food. will introduce you not only house for rent, apartment for rent in Da Nang, but also must-try food when you come to this interesting city every day.
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Today is Nam O raw fish and vegetables.
The dish is made of raw fish and vegetables. Fishes are herrings or sardines or anchovies. Finger size herrings, cut head, tail, abdomen, skeletal, split in two and cut into small pieces, drained, and then marinated with chooped ginger, galangal, garlic and honey.
Water drained from fishes, mixed with Nam O fish sauce, peppers, mash, and monosodium glutamate form the unique sauce for the dish. Vegetables eaten together with Nam O raw fish salad is very diverse and special, is the young buds of the forest toad, cardiopulmonary, prickly, leaf, stop leaf … which only grows on the Hai Van Pass.
Nam O raw fish salad must be tried at Nam O area. Or else, you can go to Nguyen Tat Thanh street or Nam O Bridge and call a dish from 40,000 VND.

(To be continued).

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