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Must-try food in Da Nang – Pork rolls with thin rice papers (Continued)

Da Nang, the city of bridges, beaches, attracts tourists by many beautiful destinations and must-try food. will introduce you not only house for rent, apartment for rent in Da Nang, but also must-try food when you come to this interesting city every day.
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Today is Pork rolls with thin rice papers.
Does not require sophisticated processing, but simple and easy to eat, pork rolls in Da Nang are famous for their well-selected ingredients, which make them perfect. Only the buttock or shoulder pork is chosen, then steamed to maintain its sweetness. Vegetables are common, easy to find, but must be fresh, green, as lettuce, Thai basil, houttuynia, green onions, bitter herbs, bean sprouts, white banana leaves, cucumber, unripe banana, etc.
The culinary skills of this dish is a kind of a local anchovy paste, the irreplaceable sauce (a type of fish sauce, made from small fish or small shrimps). This is what everyone must remember forever when enjoying pork rolls. Yes, that’s it, It is hard to resist the toughness of rice paper combined with the soft taste of wet noodles, the sweetness of pork, the freshness of vegetables and the spicy passion of the sauce.
To enjoy this dish, you should choose restaurants on Nguyen Chi Thanh, Le Duan, Nui Thanh, Do Thuc Tinh street. Price is from 30,000 to 80,000 VND per pax.

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