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Must try food in Da Nang – Banh Beo – Water Fern Cake (Continued)

Da Nang, the city of bridges, beaches, attracts tourists by many beautiful destinations and must-try food. will introduce you not only house for rent, apartment for rent in Da Nang, but also must-try food when you come to this interesting city every day.
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Nam O raw fish and vegetables,
Bun Cha Ca
Pork rolls with thin rice papers
Banh Xeo (Crispy Vietnamese pancakes).
Today is Banh Beo – Water Fern Cake
This is the rustic cake from raw materials to flavors that has a great appeal for both indigenous people and visitors to Da Nang. There are many kinds of Banh beo, that distinguished by their shapes and methods to enjoy. “Tai” cake is prepared on a dish while “Chen” cake is molded in a small round cup. However, all have an attractive filler above.
The filler is made from shrimp and marinated fish, dried on the charcoal to avoid fishy smell.Or from lean meat, mushrooms … make a mixture of fresh orange color. Banh beo is eaten with Nem chua (fermented pork rolls) and Cha bo. However, the cake is delicious or not decided by the fish sauce. Just add the minced garlic and chilli to the boiling water to make the sauce, then add some lemon and sugar. It mixs well with the soft white cake.
Arrive in Da Nang, sitting around, enjoying Banh Beo with the light sweet fish sauceand aromatic lemon flavor is very interesting! You can find Banh Beo in any streets, alleys in the city and restaurants, hotels. Regardless of the peddlers, the food court in Con market (Hung Vuong street), Hoang Dieu street , Hai Phong street, Ong Ich Khiem street (from noon, from September to February each year) … are places to try. . Each cup of Banh Beo is about 1,500 VND.

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