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Tougher social distancing rules to come into effect in Da Nang

The Da Nang government has announced that tougher social distancing regulations will be rolled out across the city, starting from 6pm today, Saturday (July 31) amid concerns that the current restrictions may not be enough to bring the coronavirus outbreak under control.    

The health agency is urged to roll out mass testing program across the city. In the photo: Health workers from the Son Tra District Medical Center conducting COVID-19 sample collection from a household representative in Man Thai Ward. Photo: LE HUNG

The government and people of Da Nang have worked together to tackle COVID-19 during the past time. Da Nang has yielded positive results in its fight against COVID-19 due to its swift and decisive action in response to the pandemic with active involvement of taskforce and people from a broad mix of organisations.

Containing the outbreak of COVID-19 is a top priority

Da Nang has seen the rapid rise in COVID-19 infections fueled by the highly contagious delta variant in recent days, with many positive cases in the community from an unknown source. The city is at high risk for COVID-19 transmission. It is necessary for the city to take even more drastic and tougher measures to control the spread of the virus, save lives and protect the safety of local residents.

The health and safety of all local people remain the top priority for Da Nang, and the city makes containing the outbreak of COVID-19 its highest priority under Viet Nam’s national government’s slogan ‘Fighting pandemic like fighting against the enemy’. The spirit of previous wars against foreign invaders has been taken over the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each individual in the city is urged to play their part in controlling the spread of coronavirus and have a key role to play to keep themselves, their friends and the wider local community safe and healthy during COVID-19 crisis.

All residents and businesses in the city are asked to follow public health guidance and new social distancing rules, to protect themselves and others. They are asked to act now by following the most up-to-date guidance to help reduce the city’s case rate.

Da Nang will strengthen enforcement of stay-at-home order and the ban on certain activities from 6pm on July 31. People are asked to not leave their houses unless it is for essential activities (for example, seeking medical care or buying food).

The focus will be on increasing checks and patrons on streets to make sure that everyone across the city is sticking to new regulations or face strictest penalties for non-compliance. The taskforce will enforce regulations to have hash penalties for those who leave their house without a reasonable excuse.In addition, the heed will be paid on tightening controls at points of entry to the city and strengthening COVID-19 rules in residential settings and businesses.

COVID-19 community taskforce will play a key role in detecting returnees from affected areas who fail to declare their health status and break quarantine rules.

Mass COVID-19 testing program carried out in urgent and effective manner

The government is urging the health agency to roll out mass testing program in residential settings and businesses across the city to allow positive cases caught. This will help make an accurate risk assessment to enable appropriate measures to be taken to bring the outbreak under control.

The health agency is asked to prepare for a wide range of scenarios, including the reasonable worst-case scenario.

Ensuring food and essential supplies for all people

The government is reassuring the public that there will be enough food and essential supplies for all during social distancing period, especially for people in ring-fencing hotspots, isolated people, the poor and those in difficult circumstances.

The government is urging relevant agencies to provide timely support for those who are struggling financially amid the pandemic. In addition, active help should be given to businesses to overcome the challenges during the COVID-19 crisis to ensure their uninterrupted and secured production.

The Da Nang government is calling on everyone across the city to give strong support and full adherence to the new social distancing rules to help the city successfully contain the pandemic and help the life in the city return to normal.


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